Check out our cow skull photos for ideas for using rustic cow skulls in your rustic house plans, or to get project ideas for decorative arts with a cow skull in your southwestern themed or southwestern design style. Whether you are interested in a rustic stagecoach scene, rodeo, western cowboy decorations, “End of the Trail” painting, Native American Indian design, western horseman picture, or simply your ranch brand, you might try your hand at painting them on your genuine cow skull. Sun-bleached cow skulls are great country western birthday gift ideas or even holiday gift ideas. 

Authentic cow skulls can set the tone for southwestern landscaping projects. An athentic steer head provides an excellent location to stash emergency house keys. Common Steer is a modern breed of domestic cattle that cattle evolved from its Aurochs ancestor. Whether called a cow head, cows skull, cow skulls, cowskull, skull cow, steer skull, steers skull, steer skulls, steerskull, skull steer, bovine, cattle, long horned steer or even a Texas Long Horn, its still a Artiodactyla skull. An appealing, inexpensive decorative cow skulls are difficult to find products that Grand River Supply (Located along historical "El Camino Real" Trading Route and the pre-1937 alignment of New Mexico Route 66 near the Santa Fe Trail in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley), is proud to carry.

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Cow Skulls

The cow skull is an icon of the old west and Indian art that has endured for decades. Cow skulls have appeared in cowboy movies since before Tom Mix saddled his first horse, serving as a warning sign of tainted water, or as eerie, silent reminders for western pioneers to save their water.


Cow skulls are used as distinctive southwestern style decorative elements with a wide range of uses. A cow skull displayed as a rustic accent wall decoration calls the spirit of the southwest. Cow skulls fit well in southwestern style landscaping projects.  Use our cow skulls with cactus, an old wagon wheel, a rustic gate, or post with a strand of rustic barbed wire fence for the feel of wild west art.


Steer heads used as an artistic foundation, create breathtaking decorative accents by applying acrylic paint, beads, feathers, leather, rope, and colorful stones (such as turquoise). Cow skulls can be found in popular works of art by well-known artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Charles Russell, and often used in art by North American Indians. 


These authentic cow skulls have been sun-bleached and the base of the horns wrapped with decorative rope. The size, shape and horm span will vary, no two steer heads are exactly alike.


Click on the camera icon below to see cow skull photos for ideas using cow skulls in your rustic home or southwestern landscaping.

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