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Southwestern architecture is characterized by a merging of Mexican, Native American, Spanish and Western American influences. As those cultures clashed during the past 400 years, the mixture of design elements became a predominant architectural style throughout the American Southwest.

Grand River Supply’s Canales, or drain spouts, come with your choice of copper or galvanized metal lining. Canales work like scuppers allowing water to drain from the roof, reducing the weight load. The canales direct the water away from the adobe or stucco, preventing water from flowing down the walls of the structure and causing damage.

Our decorative carved Red Fir Corbels and Posts are distinctive features of Southwestern architecture with roots tracing back to the arrival of Spanish friars to New Mexico. Our beautiful El Prado, French, Zia, and Santa Fe architectural corbels are used to transfer the load from the roof or a parapet to decorative or plain vertical support columns below. Our decorative wood posts include four designs styles: Octagon, Triple Spiral, Territorial, and Penasco. These rustic architectural products will noticeably increase the curb appeal of your house while performing their intended structural purposes. These Posts and Corbels lend themselves well to Spanish style and Pueblo style homes.

Skilled craftsmen cut Traditional Latillas from spruce, pine, and red cedar. Although latillas originated as a necessary roofing material, today they are used predominately for rustic and decorative design purposes.

Smooth and sand blasted knotty pine Latilla Ceiling Boards offer an affordable, flexible alternative to a traditional latilla ceiling. Their Tongue & Groove design make Latilla Ceiling Boards easy to install. Latilla Ceiling Boards also add a dramatic southwestern affect not available with regular tongue and groove boards.

Our beautiful knotty pine Latilla Ceiling Panels™ also feature Tongue & Groove edges that allow the panels to be interlocked as part of the easy installation process. These panels present a uniform southwestern latilla look to your ceiling.

Pine Southwest Vigas, are round beams that are typically used as structural roof support timbers. Vigas also serve decorative purposes in adobe houses and other homes where Rustic or Southwestern architecture is the goal. Southwest Vigas come in lengths from 8 to 24 feet and diameters of 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. Vigas over 24 feet are available by special order.

Grand River Supply mills our own decorative Zia Door Casing and decorative Zia Trim. Zia door casing and trim can be used in conjunction with our rustic wood doors to bring the feel of the southwest into any room in your house. Both Zia door casing and Zia trim are available with smooth, wire brushed, or sand blasted surface treatment.

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